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The Fall of Doppler Labs

Doppler Labs An in-ear computer that allows you to augment your listening experience, drown out sounds you don’t want to hear, and layer music over sounds in your environment. Sounds like something out of a science fiction story, right? Turns out, we’re not so far from this future. In 2015, Doppler Labs...

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Study suggests OTC hearing aids almost as good as expensive ones

Making the world a better place: this is the battle cry of Silicon Valley and the driving force behind innovation in technology. Now a decade old, the Apple iPhone has revolutionized the way we interact with the world and each other. The rapid growth and innovation of technology has radiated to many different areas...

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Places to get affordable hearing aids

The high cost of hearing aids is one factor in the lack of hearing aid adoption among the hearing loss community. While different statistics have been used, some have suggested that only about 20% of Americans with hearing loss get the help they need. The OTC hearing aid bill that was recently passed should...

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Over The Counter Hearing Aids Are On The Way

Let's be honest. Hearing aids are expensive. In addition, they aren't covered by Medicare and are rarely covered by private health insurance plans. With a pair of hearing aids averaging over $4000 and some high-end models costing $6000-$7000, consumers have a right to be concerned about the high cost of these devices. That...

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Phonak launches Audeo B-Direct Hearing Aids that work with iPhone and Android

Phonak has recently launched their latest version of their Audeo Belong series and are calling it the Audeo B-Direct hearing aid. The new Audeo gives hearing aid users easier connectivity to their smartphones by allowing direct connection to Android phones. The history of bluetooth compatibility in hearing aids A few years ago, hearing aids...

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