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Hearing Resources

Helpful hearing aid and hearing loss information can be difficult to find. We have compiled a list of sites that we have found helpful. If you have any suggestions for sites and resources to be added to this page, please let us know!

Helpful Hearing Loss Websites

Hearing Loss Association of America
The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is the nation’s leading organization representing people with hearing loss. They provide assistance and resources for people with hearing loss and their families to learn how to adjust to living with hearing loss. HLAA is working to eradicate the stigma associated with hearing loss and raise public awareness about the need for prevention, treatment, and regular hearing screenings throughout life.

Hearing Tracker
Hearing Tracker was founded by an audiologist to help consumers find better hearing aids and better hearing professionals. It has a helpful directory of hearing care professionals, as well as hundreds of ratings on different hearing aid models. Hearing aids and hearing professionals are rated by real patients. This helps ensure more meaningful information for consumers and professionals.

Starkey is one of the major manufacturers of hearing aids. They have a very helpful website, with a lot of different information about hearing loss (and their products).

Hearing Amplifiers/PSAPS

You can find a number of cheaper amplifier-type devices on Amazon. Be careful - the prices can vary depending on distributor.

Personal Sound Amplifiers and Used Hearing Aids | YouHear
YouHear has a selection of personal sound amplifiers for those looking at cheaper options.

Used Hearing Aids

You can find many used hearing aid options on Ebay. We recommend checking to make sure the seller has positive ratings (at least over 98% rating is recommended). Make sure you have a hearing care provider available to you to program and service the hearing aids, if necessary.

Snap Hearing
Snap Hearing is a local provider in the Phoenix Metro area, but they offer a number of used hearing aid options (as well as affordable new ones). For those in the Phoenix area, this might be a good option.

Local Provider Directory

Greentree Audiology
Greentree Audiology is an Audiology practice serving the St. Louis area. The specialize in adult hearing aid fittings and work with most major manufacturers. Hearing Aids | St. Louis | Kirkwood | Missouri