October 9, 2017

Places to get affordable hearing aids

Places to get affordable hearing aids

The high cost of hearing aids is one factor in the lack of hearing aid adoption among the hearing loss community. While different statistics have been used, some have suggested that only about 20% of Americans with hearing loss get the help they need. The OTC hearing aid bill that was recently passed should help open up more low-cost options in a few years. To help bring more awareness to more affordable options out there, we have put together a list for those searching for hearing aids that won't break the bank.


Costco has become a popular destination for hearing aid shoppers looking to save a few bucks. They carry a few different options on hearing aids and have a generous return policy. Their Kirkland Signature hearing aids are currently made by Rexton, a division of Sivantos. Sivantos also makes Signia hearing aids and many industry professionals suggest the technology is very similar.

Costco positives

  • Great reputation and excellent customer service
  • Very competitive hearing aid pricing

Costco negatives

  • May not be one near you
  • Some may not want to get their hearing aids in a warehouse environment
  • Do not have all hearing aid brands (just a few).


HearStore is a website that offers most major brands of hearing aids and discounted prices. They have two unique features that set them apart from other online retailers. First, their hearing aids are all professionally-fit, in person, by a local audiologist or hearing aid dispenser. Second, they use an 'unbundled' model, where the consumer can choose what level of service they want. After fitting, hearing aids can also be sent in for adjustment free of charge.

HearStore positives

  • Excellent selection of top brands in hearing
  • Very competitive hearing aid pricing
  • Comes with local delivery by hearing professional
  • Offers choice in service package and remote programming

HearStore negatives

  • Do not get to select your hearing professional

Veterans Affairs

While many veterans currently get their hearing aids at the VA, I'm always surprised at how many veterans are not aware that they might have hearing benefits because of their service. While many people have complained of long wait times of 6 months or more, it does provide the most financial relief for hard-of-hearing vets. Veterans interested in learning more will need to contact their nearest VA for eligibility.

VA positives

  • Benefit for veterans, so cost of hearing aids may be $0
  • Carry all of the major manufacturers

VA negatives

  • Long wait times
  • May not be one near you

Hear Better

Hear Better is a website that sells off-brand and older hearing technology for very cheap. While these hearing aids probably do not perform as well as current generation name-brand models, they do offer an econonomical alternative for thrifty consumers.

Hear Better positives

  • Very low prices

Hear Better negatives

  • Use legacy (old) technology or off-brands


Audicus has been around for many years and offers lower end hearing aids for a great price. The hearing aids are programmed to a patient's hearing loss from their office and sent directly to the user. They also occasionally have promotions or sales to reduce their already-discounted prices.

Audicus positives

  • Very low prices
  • Have been around for many years

Audicus negatives

  • No option to see professional in-person

Hearing Aid Deals

Hearing Aid Deals appears to be a newer site, but hopefully one that will stick around. It includes coupons and offers from local hearing aid shops. You can search by city to find a deal near you. At the time of publication, offers ranged from free hearing aid trials to specific models being offered at significantly discounted prices.

Hearing Aid Deals positives

  • Can shop different offers and coupons

Hearing Aid Deals negatives

  • New - not many cities added yet (at time of publication)

If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions for other affordable hearing options, please let us know in the comments.